Herbal balm for dry skin

During the last ten years, consumers are asking more and more for natural cosmetics and natural ingredients for their preparations. Due to the increasing demand there is also an increasing offer of natural vegetable oils deriving from exotic (or not) fruit and herbs. You can choose among melon seed oil, passion fruit oil or papaya seed oil...I don't mean to underestimate the unique beneficial properties of these exotic oils,  I become somehow skeptical with this over-offering.  Is there a real value or it is just marketing? 
Until I find a justified answer I will continue to believe that the best oils are the herbal infusions in vegetable oils such as olive, almond or sunflower. It is the best way to "steal" the soul of the herbs..

Dry Skin Salve 

For this preparation well known herbs such as calendula, St John's wort and chamomile have been selected for their healing, anti-oxidant and anti inflammatory properties. Also avocado oil will be added as it is very rich in vitamins Α & Ε, highly moisturizing, ideal for dry & itchy skin. Another key ingredient is wheat germ oil, nourishing and rich in vitamin E. Finally, aloe gel will be added for its moisturizing and soothing properties and honey which because it is a strong antioxidant. 

To make the Herbal  Balm/ Salve for dry skin, you will need:

-1 tbsp cocoa butter
-1 tbsp calendula oil
-½ tbsp wheat germ oil
-½ tbsp avocado oil 
-1 ½ tbsp grated beeswax 
-15 drops vitamin E
-2 tbsps aloe gel 
-½ tbsp honey 
-10 drops chamomile essential oil 
-10 drops lavender essential oil
-5  drops geranium essential oil 

* Ingredients are given in measuring tablespoons (1tbsp=15ml)

how to make it 
  • To make this nourishing balme/salve follow the steps described in this tutorial: how to make a herbal balm or salve and you're done in 10 min! 
  • Add aloe gel once you remove the oils from the heat and stir thoroughly. 
  • Add the essential oils  and vitamin E and stir again
  • Pour into glass jars and allow to cool and set completely. Store in a cool place. 
You can use your healing salve in dry areas such as elbows, feet and chapped hands. It is a must for irritated and damaged skin, cuts and minor wounds & burns.