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I have started blogging -in my native language, the Greek- many years ago to share my passion for homemade herbal preparations & cosmetics. Making natural cosmetics using herbal raw materials is for me a creative hobby that has become a passion. The world of herbs and essential oils is a magic garden that is calling me to explore. 

Since passion has no borders, I have recently decided to gradually translate my old posts and in parallel to publish the new ones also in English. The reason I selected English is simple: it is the language the  most commonly used. 

In this blog you will find recipes for face and body creams and lotions, perfumes and homemade soaps. I have started publishing them since 2006 so the completion of the translation is expected to take some time. In case you have a request for a specific recipe, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Before starting your journey to my blog please read carefully the folowing:
«The information included in this blog or provided upon your request, is for informational purposes only and should not be used for diagnosing, treating, curing purposes or for preventing any disease under any circumstances. The information inluded in this blog has not been evaluated by a Greek or a foreign Authority nad is not intended to recommend any kind of medical treatment.  You should absolutely consult a qualified medical professional before making any health decision. Moreover, before using drastic substances such as essential oils please consult a  professional health care provider or a pharmacist. 
Finally, please note that the content of this blog is the outcome of personal effort, study and training. In case you need to use a part of this work, please always use a link to my blog.»